Rock Salt Mine in Loulé is now open for visits

You can now visit the Loulé Rock Salt Mine in Loulé. From Monday to Friday at 9:00; 11:00; 14:00 and 16:00


What are the price tickets for the Salt Mine tour?

  • Adults: €25
  • Children aged 8 to 12:€15
  • Loulé Residents: €15
Algarve salt mine

Visit Loulé salt mine in an amazing tour for more than 200 m underground.

How deep is the Salt Mine?

At 230m underground, the salt mine in Loulé as 45 Km of Walkways and corridors. Although, the tour only covers 1.3 Km during 2 hours with a multilingual guide


How old is the Salt Mine?

The geologic formations as 230 million years, the salt was discovered around the ’50s when agricultural farmers tried to capture water for cattle and discovered that the underground water was salted.

In 1963 CLONA company is founded to explore the salt in the Salt Mine we know today.


Salt mine Tour


What kind of product are made from the salt?

The salt can be used in several ways:

  • Animal feed – The rock salt composed of minerals of halite (common salt), clay, plaster and other salts, such as potassium chloride and magnesium chloride is a supplier of accessory minerals beneficial to the development of animals through their incorporation in rations.
  • Road safety –  This salt as very good conditions to be used in road safety at very low temperatures, Due to the mineral composition and granulometry of rock salt, we seek to obtain a quick defrost and simultaneously with reduced specific consumption in order to promote road safety and environmental preservation of aquifers and flora in the surroundings of the intervened roads.
  • Phytosanitary Control – Through the spreading of rock salt, it is possible, without resorting to high-cost chemical products and with a small environmental footprint, to control the weed vegetation of pavement and roads.
  • Other Applications – Pure rock salt can be used directly in water softeners or in swimming pools. We supply in 25 kg bags. Also in decoration combined with therapeutic properties this can be the ideal salt. If your area is cuisine you can have access to rock salt stones for making food directly on the plates, giving a unique taste of a natural salt with 230 million years old.

What else do I need to know about the Salt Mine tour?

  • As the mine is an underground environment, it is important to consider the following premises: People who suffer from scotophobia (fear of the dark) or claustrophobia (fear of closed spaces), or who feel uncomfortable in spaces similar to transportation should not visit the mine.
  • The temperature in the mine remains stable throughout the year, between 23º and 24ºC.
  • The descent into the mine is done in a cage with a maximum capacity of 7 people and the trip takes about 3 minutes.
  • Comfortable clothing and shoes, preferably closed, are recommended.

What does my ticket include?

The ticket includes the descent into the mine, a guided pedestrian tour of about 1.3 km for which the necessary personal protective equipment is provided, namely helmet, flashlight and reflective vest, which are returned to the guide at the end of the tour.


What is the minimum age allowed?

Access is forbidden to children under 6 years of age. The visit of children between 6 and 12 years of age is only allowed, as long as the children are accompanied by an adult. An adult ratio for every ten children is recommended.



Is the Loulé Salt Mine tour guided?

The visits are always guided, the guide will approach the geology, history and economics of rock salt and the mine. The visit can be done in Portuguese and English.


Is it allowed to photograph and film?

Photographing and filming is permitted, however, it is requested that the privacy of employees and other visitors be maintained.


Is it allowed to eat inside the mine?

It is allowed to eat inside the mine, as long as it does not delay the visit of your group and does not result in the production of waste. Inside the mine there are water points available for visitors.


Can I return to the surface in the middle of the visit?

If justified, it is possible to return to the surface during the visit.


Is the tour possible for reduced mobility?

At the moment, the mine does not have any infrastructure available to allow people with reduced mobility to visit.


Are guide dogs allowed into the mine?

Guide dogs or other companion animals are not allowed.





At 230 m underground, now it’s possible to explore a new underground world under the sea level.

Exploring in totally safe conditions, the 45 km of walkways and corridors can be really exciting experience.

A 2 hour guided multilingual tour, available every Monday to Friday will take in a geological adventure with 230 million years old.

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