QR Code

I have a restaurant

I have a Bar

I have an establishment that requires a menu

I want to prevent the spread of Covid-19 and other viruses


I want a menu with QRcode (Quick Response code) – just 25€.

and still earn several levels of comission from the affiliate system.


How it works?

We will make a page with the menu identical to this one.

People come to your menu and order as usual.

At the bottom of the menu there are several activities. If at any time in the present or in the future any of the customers who accessed the menu buy something, you will earn several levels of the value of the activity they purchased.

Affiliates are the fuel of ToDoAlgarve.

Why you charge just 25€ for this service?

Because ToDoAlgarve’s business is tourism events and activities.
The creation of cinergies helps everyone involved and the best way to earn is to give back.

Point your phone’s camera to the code below and see an example menu:


Fill out this form and send an email to affiliates@todoalgarve.com expressing your interest and send us your menu.