Have you thought about visiting Algarve in a classic car?

It can be a  very special way to celebrate a special occasion with your soul mate, to visit Algarve in a very special car, you can visit Silves with an official guide driving you in the roads of Silves, telling a true story of courage, adventure, tradition and brave Kings.

This historic tour will be part of your life unforgettable moment’s list, speaking in French, English or German, your personal driver will show this Portuguese town in great style, as the capital.

What classic car is it?

You can book a tour to ride this amazing convertible Buick Skylark from 1963 is certified by the ACP Portugal as a vehicle of historical interest, and it will transform your tour in a real historical and magic moment.

What’s interesting about Silves?

Silves was the capital of the ancient Arab kingdom of Algarve, and its most important city. That era gave it a stately outline, the epitome of which is its red-hued castle, inviting exploration.

Considered the most beautiful military monument from Islamic Portugal, this castle is also the largest in the Algarve. Its towers and walls perch on a Serra de Monchique hill, so it could monitor and defend the territory, and today are excellent viewpoints over these fertile fields covered with orange trees around the River Arade.

It was erected by the Arabs, probably on an ancient 4th/5th century Roman fort. Two further walls also surrounded the settlement, of which only a few sections have survived. Inside you can see the ancient Arab citadel and two water tanks, one of which, it is said, is linked to the river.

Silves was conquered from the Moors in 1189 by King Sancho I, but they were only finally expelled in 1242 under King Afonso III. The ancient great Mosque, now transformed into the Cathedral, is thought to date from this time, and is one of the most important churches in the Algarve, begun in the Gothic style and completed in the Baroque period. It is opposite the castle and, like it, was built in the red Silves sandstone.


Additional Information about the Tour

  • The car will Pick you Up and Drop Off in your Hotel or Residence (from Vilamoura to Albufeira)
  • Driver Included: Official  Tour Guide (Speaks French, German and English)
  • Max. Capacity: 3 Guests ( Driver included )
  • Duration: 3 Hours
  • Tour starts at 9:30 AM
  • Your Instagram will Love this Tour

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