10 things you have to taste in Algarve

Who was talking about this selection was Be Portugal, by the Canadian writer Megan Flottorp did the favour to choose the 10 best things you have to taste in the Algarve, and we are grateful for that. Therefore, these are the dishes chosen by her as being the absolute must taste when visiting the Algarve.


1. Chicken Piri-Piri

2. Algarve Bean Clams

3. Sea Food Cataplana

4. Grilled Sardines

5. Shrimp

6. Wild Boar


7. Algarve Pastry

8. Dom Rodrigos

9. Carob Pie


10. The Wine

If you like seafood, especially oysters, you also can taste these delicacies enjoying the charms of the Ria Formosa boat tour  in a Oyster Tasting in Ria Formosa.

I think there was a lot more to say, but I couldn’t help adding to the list of our friend Megan, one last Algarve temptation: The beauty of Folhado de Loulé, which is already a candidate for the 7 sweet wonders of Portugal.

algarve pastry wonders

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