10 reasons to practice Stand Up Paddle in Algarve (you will love Nº5)


One of the best things to do in the Algarve caves is Paddling, just you, your board and your guide.

A SUP tour in Benagil can be an unforgettable experience, considered one of the most beautiful caves in the world, Benagil is the perfect scenery for an adventure.


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From the lovely beach of Benagil,  you can get your own Sup board with full equipment, and a knowledgeable guide will take to one of the most popular wonders in Algarve. It’s not possible to visit Benagil cave on foot, only by sea, you will have a different perspective from a boat Caves Tour and it’s such a funny solution to visit it, by the end of the tour, you’ll feel much more confident in your ability, and above that, you will definitely have a great story to tell.


10 reasons to practice Stand Up Paddle in Algarve


1. Age to Start

SUP ( Stand Up Paddle) can be practised by women, men, children, aged 4 to 64 years or more, and without any physical preparation. Our intention on this post is to provide non-sports people, non-athletes, the initiation in a simply fascinating modality.

2. Very easy to start

On the first day of practice, the person already rows, stands up, and enjoys. This modality allows anyone to enjoy the modality on the first day, and from that point on, just evolve.

3. An exciting and fascinating sport

For those who hate a gym mat, SUP is love at first sight, you can paddle with friends, relatives, even alone, being an aerobic and complete sport.

4. Discovering new places

People have no idea how fascinating places you can find in Algarve. With the practice of SUP, you can visit beautiful sea caves, arches, secret places and hidden beaches, only reachable by the ocean.

5. Very high caloric burning

For working on a mobile surface (water), requires a constant balance work from the practitioner.

Even the beginner or the most experienced person has to keep the legs and abdomen tight in order to maintain balance. It is not difficult to stand, but there is a work of the whole body, feet, legs, abdomen, arms.


6. Recovery from injuries

SUP is recommended for strengthening ankles, knees, as there is no impact, however, the ankle muscles are permanently required, and knees, as it works on a moving surface.

7. Contact with nature

SUP is direct contact with nature. In lakes, dams and rivers it is a contemplative sport, with an ecological conscience. Practising SUP on rivers in Benagil is very exciting, and hence the awakening to the preservation of nature.

8. Very low cost

After purchasing a SUP board, there is no fixed maintenance. A constant complaint from my fellow hikers and riders is the expensive maintenance of their sport. Not that it is not worth the money, but SUP is a low fixed cost modality, and this fact should count as a positive point for the practice of the sport, and in Algarve you can find here a low cost to the Beautiful Benagil Caves.

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Stand up paddle in the Benagil caves is the perfect connection with body, mind and nature.

9. Can be practised at several levels

SUP is similar to surfing, however, the start is immediate, people go out practising on the first day. You don’t need to be an athlete, or practice another sport. I know that many people dream of surfing. However, 90% of people give up at the beginning. It is a difficult sport to be practised in the beginning, as it takes a long time to catch the first wave.

Likewise, surfing is not like”riding a bike”, because a month without physical activity, you (weekend surfer), cannot catch waves.

The biggest difficulty of surfing is in the success of the “drop”, moment in which the surfer reaches the speed of the wave, paddling lying down, getting up and standing. The paddle requires a physical condition from good to great, otherwise the wave passes and the surfer does not catch the wave. Worse, the surfer does not row enough and catches the wave breaking, an opportunity that knows the “wipe out”.

SUP, stand up paddle, arrived to allow people, not athletes, to practice an exciting sport, with various levels of graduation. However, the big difference, and unlike surfing, anyone can stand on the board, paddle, and enjoy a lot, on the first day. Really, a very exciting feeling for those who do not practice any sport, and want to start something different, whether alone, with friends and / or with family.

10. Balance for the body

According to practitioners and experts, SUP, Stand-Up Paddle, among all board sports, is the one that offers the best and strongest physical exercise. It is good for working strength, balance, abdominal, arms and mind.

Athletes of surfboard, longboard, tow-in and even other sports such as the triátlon use the paddle board to improve their fitness and relax their mind.
You feel working all the muscle groups, the ligaments and even use the principles of yoga and Pilates.

Our tip:

    • You can have additional information or book this experience here| Sup in Benagil

Our tip:

    • You can have additional information or book this experience here| Sup in Benagil

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